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Saturday, March 01, 2008

I manage to salvage the first half of my post. The second half i will painfully retype for the fifth time maybe 2mr. I'm too tired from blogging man. Anyway the first part of my post.

I was too lazy or busy to update so finally found the time and mood to do it!

Valentine's weekend was pretty busy for me. Had lots of good food. For the first time i'm celebrating valentine's day with my army friends. Kind of sad and happy. Oh well, anyway i've watched ah long pte ltd on that day. It's a good movie. If u guys haven watch it yet, i guess u cannot catch it now. So wait for the dvd! I did send a msg to her but she never reply. Oh well... I guess it's just a one-sided thingy again.

Anyway, on the 15th, I hang out with my granado espada faction friends at marina square waraku jap restaurant. They are a nice group of people. Finally manage to put a face to the nick they have. Here are some of the photos.

The guy in black is the faction leader. His nick is Blank.

Group photo before lao yu sheng

The moment of messyness!

Final group photo
From left to right: (all are in game nicks)
DhRaL , Mondial, Bleu, Firax, Omega, Blank, TheShiningStar, Proudie, Yanagiba, Ledesius, Zerth, Volde, XL, Devolton

We then headed off to Kallang mac for more tcss.

It all ended at around 1+am and I have to perform sar duty the next day. Somehow i managed to survive. End of part 1, part 2 will continue later 

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh crap. I don't believe this man. For the last 3 times at least my first half of the post is around. Retyped for 4 times already. Now everything is gone. CRAP MAN! I dislike the new blog post. IT SUCKS! Why you auto save at the wrong time!!!! I'm so tired from typing man. It's already 2:09am and i'm throwing in the towel. Blogger, u win. I lose. They really must do something about the auto save feature and the post feature. CRAPPY!

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Halo peeps!!!!

How has your cny super long weekend been like? It's been pretty good for me! Had lots of fun and laughter. Yesterday went to visit my mom's relatives in the afternoon. My distant cousins. Went to two stops before heading to come mo's place for dinner. Zelda invited two of her frens to come too.

The fun part is after dinner where i invited jon, angelia, zelda, audrey, peter, sabrina, vincent, jeannie, jessica, danny to come over my place to sing hymns, play taboo, pictionary, rummi-o and have fun.During the first match of rummi-o, my mom was so loud that she distracted me from the game.

After she left then i could have abit of peace. Poor keefe, he wanted to stay behind as he love crowds, but he has to go home already as it was already 10+pm. Everytime whenever we have gatherings like this, it is always very noisy and i mean VERY noisy. But it adds to the liveliness so who cares. Haha.... Peter and sab left at around 11+.  Too bad he can't join for the rest of the games. He came to look at jon's honeymoon pics and look at us play rummi-o then run away. Well, i'm glad he came anyway.

Jessica came very late around 12+ midnight. But she's the game girl. All the games are with her. We only have one set of rummi-o so jon and his gang were singing hymns while waiting for jess. The fun ended at around 5+am. It could have carried on till day breaks but jon has visiting in the afternoon. I slept at around 7am.

The first half of today is r&r. To recover from last night. Went over to jessica's place at night for chocolate fondune. (Spelling looks wrong, but u guys understand). The chocolate with the wafer was the best. Tasted so nice. Was surprised that bro lawson came over too. He's such a sport. He played taboo too!

2mr will be a long day. It's the cny visitation organised for the church. The response is good. But always last min. Zzzz.... So hard to plan things when people sign up last min. Nonetheless, we are expecting around 30+ of people to join us for the visiting. We'll have a problem with the transport but God will provide. There will be a way!

Okay, it's almost 12 now. Need a rest! Stay cool people! 119 days to ORD!

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lunar New Year 08

How you guys find the new blog? Quite cool huh! hahaha...

Yesterday was such a special day. I actually have such a special reunion dinner. It's me, myself and I. I had to go for church service and my family members were suppose to come at 6pm but as usual they are late. So I have to have reunion with myself. Such a lonely dinner.
This is what i had for dinner, all cooked by my mom:

-Abalone with veg
-Ceral prawn
-Sliced fish with stem
-Empress chicken
-Ikan billis soup with abalone essence and many types of balls

The food was nice, but eating alone on new year's eve makes the food less tasty.

Anyway, church service attendence was pretty good despite it being a special occasion. Went through 6 of the 7 seal of the scroll (Rev 5 - 7). Every word written down has such a meaning. Was wearing a new light green kind of shirt, then janelle say I look like bus driver. -_-"

After church went over to come mo's place to have a taste of reunion dinner mood. The shark fin's soup was nice. Jon and angelia stayed over for countdown and I headed home to countdown with my mom.

Today didn't feel like CNY. Just didn't have the mood leh. Camped at home and wait for relatives to come visit my grandpa. He's one of the eldest so he commands that respect for people to come visit him. Today the same huge number of people came but this is the last time they will come here. Next year they will go over to my new house at springleaf!!!!

I received a message from seach joo who is in USA, Utah. Was a pleasant surprise. I guess he and his family must be having a lonely lunar new year. I heard he will be going over to china.

Tomorrow will be visiting my paternal grandpa before heading to visit relatives and back to come mo's house for dinner! And after that the fun begins when jon, angelia, vincent, peter, zelda, audrey, danny come over to play games! May this be a night of fun!!!!

Happy new year to everyone! May you all have good health always and stay contented with what you have! You'll be happier this way! Enjoy the company of your loved ones and don't worry about tomorrow! =)

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Friday, February 01, 2008

I had a weird dream today.

I dreamt that singapore was under attack. Under constant air-raids. Was running away with lots and lots people. Buildings destroyed, cars on fire, and i somehow managed to survive the air-raid. After crossing many streets, i saw something weird. Saw many cameras and lightings. Then i realised that it was all for show only. Lol.

Currently i've been busy going for medicial appointments. twice a week i have to go to skin centre for treatment. There's a small white patch below my right eye and after seeing the doc, it was vitilego. Basically the skin cells are not producing the colour. So have to use UV rays to stimulate the cells the produce colour. Each treatment is $10.70. Thankfully SAF is sponsoring me. But i left with 5 months in the SAF. Better get it treated before i ORD.

I also have to manage time to go for physio. My ankle sprain since last september has not yet recovered. The wait between each session is horribly long. 3 - 5 weeks. Have a review at MMI in late feb. As you know i'm on shift. So it's very very difficult to manage time. And also now there's a very interesting lesson on wed night. Bro Lawson is going through the book of revelation. Revealing the mystery of that book. So i have to manage my shift such that wed i have to work morning.

All these planning is making my head big. Sianz, 2mr i have to go back to camp as there's flying. Hopefully they dun eat up the whole sat afternoon.

Today didn't go to camp as there's no flying. Force to clear day off. Waste one day for nothing. Things i have accomplished today:
1. Play GE
2. Listen to music
3. Play GTA
4. Gather lesson notes on how to make spiritual decisions. Lesson due in march
5. Cleared my tapes
6. Updating this dusty blog

Now within this 1 hour break in between the 7 and 9'oclock show i shall start to print out maps for the upcoming CNY visitation on 10feb. Annoucement was made last week and somehow it has always been a culture in Jurong to sign up last min. So few names on the list. It's so difficult to plan events cause people are not there to commit. How can i change this culture?
At first i though there will not be enough cars to ferry the people from house to house.
I guess i've worried too much.

Okay, time for me to quit the chatter and start doing more productive work! 126 more days to ORD!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Finally I'm back after such a long long long time. Will update you guys whoever is reading. Currently still crawling out of a very deep pit. I only see a ray of light. When will I see the sunshine again?

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's been ages since i've even stepped into my own blog. Many things have changed since then and i dunno why i'm updating this. now serving my 2 years of ns life in the air force and something major has happened yet again! i'll leave u to guess what exactly happened. feel free to use the tagboard and guess wat it is! tataz!

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

sry ppl for not updating. haha... will update as soon as i finish my exams in 12 days time.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

my precious got damaged during the farewell dinner. haiz.... heart pain ar. but good thing not visible. Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Braddell-Westlake Farewell Dinner 2nd Dec

Picked linus and alvin up before heading to the orchid country club for the farewell dinner. Upon arriving, there were guards guiding us where to park the car. no bad ar... parked my car and entered the main entrance. Saw alot of my teachers but the rest of the students/ex-students, most of them never see before. Went to see the super long whiteboard to see where am i sitted. I was the odd one out for my table. My mood become sian liao. My mom went to seat with her ex-colleagues (she was an ex-teacher from westlake, in case u dunno). Linus and alvin on another table. Was stoning around until i saw my classmates come. jack & gang. haha... lazy to type out all their names. most of them got to seat on the same table, but kai wing was all alone and fortunately i was sitting with xinyi, so got company.

at first me and xinyi were sitting on this tbale 40 something (cannot remember liao) then 2 other guys came over cos most of their classmates on my table, so we switch places to table 60 something. My classmates that table, there were 3 extra ppl. but there were 4 people tat. so that means it is one too many. after much talk, they finally move away from that table and me and xinyi and kai wing moved over. we thot that it would stay like tat, but apparently it wasn't. they came back again, and after much confusion and discussion, we all went back to our allocated seats. the dinner was horrible. the food sucks, the mc sucks, the singing by the students suck. The only few things good about this were the video and the singing by teachers. the rest cmi. and it cost $48. so expensive. we didn't eat much lor. i tink i paid $48 to see my teachers and my classmates.

this dinner brought back many many memories during my sec sch days. it revolve around 3 things: npcc, choir and prefect. sec 2 came with the merge with braddell. alot of problems. alot of disputes between ex-westlake and ex-braddell. terrible time. sec 3 kena prefect supervisor. and for npcc was sort of cheated by the officer regarding the sergant test. stupid lah. sec 4 leh, was appointed vice-head prefect. but i'm a slacker vice-head. haha... everything push to head cos i dun like the prefect mistress, mrs teo. my sec sch days on the whole was good. had alot of fun and good learning experiences. i still prefer my sec sch days compared to poly. poly life is sianz for me. okay okay, after my brief summary on sec sch life, back to reality!

after the dinner was over, wanted to go out to do some stuff since very long never meet liao. wanted to go bowling, but most of them not really keen to go. After wasting much time thinking of where to go, we decided to go town to eat something. it was raining that time. drove out of that place with overloaded passengers 5 behind. haha.. went going out of the carpark, my car hit the curb. it was super dark and the floor was so wet. didn't see the curb. once i reached linus house (he went to get his parents car so that it is more spacious), i go change my left side. okay wat... no damage leh. haha...

after that 3 cars convey to somerset to makan. on the way there, saw a roadblock, and a taxi driver kena booked. it was around 1 plus am liao when we were travelling to town. we got ourselves seated and then suddenly sing jie suggested to eat at a cheaper place like prata house. but a few of them hungry liao, so they eat 1st lor. after they makan, convey to prata house and the remainder ate again! haha... i ordered 3 prata tinking that one prata would be small. it was a bad move. the mushroom cheese prata is huge! it is equilavent to 2 - 3 pratas. i eat until my stomach almost exploded. after much talk and catching up, the 3 drivers fetch all the people home...

my ex classmates! Posted by Picasa

took pics with mrs goh who taught us science at sec 1 - 2 i tink. 2E1 (2000) Posted by Picasa

from left: me, linus, yvonne, alvin, mei ann Posted by Picasa

back right is natalya, head prefect in 2002 Posted by Picasa

linus and his "wife, ostrich, i mean astrid" Posted by Picasa

me and astrid! Posted by Picasa

linus and his "2nd wife" Posted by Picasa

alvin forever looking cool. no smiles at all Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

the final farewell song. all the teachers on stage... such a touching scene Posted by Picasa

i tink i stand wrong place liao, linus should stand at my position, in between his 2 "wife" Posted by Picasa

the sec 4 2002 batch with miss kim our chemistry teacher. mainly 4E1 and 4E2 Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Next is the
Annual Asian Bible Lectureship cum LAP Gospel Meeting 28th Nov - 1st Dec

As usual, being a "good" boy like me, skipped most lessons to come for this AABL. I skipped so much until my mom complain. But God's stuff more important and besides lectures and tutorials are boring. Complete waste of time!
Many speakers from all around the world came to grace this event. It was held at Royal Hotel @ Queens, just opposite the national library in town. That place wasn't that bad but it wasn't good too. The stupid design of the ballroom is stupid. Their are two huge pillars in the middle of that room. Designer never tink. Where got ppl ballroom got pillar... haiyo. i tink i can be better designer. haha.. The carpark is soooo small and very challenging to drive. Good thing can get complimentary tix if not parking can cry ar.

Day 1 i came at nite cos after got lab and a must-go tutorial lesson. met up with tim and eunice in school before going to my house to slack until night time cos afternoon got no lessons. the lessons taught were very enriching. i also got to meet my frens from the FSYBS again. haha... and more youths from LAP. it was then i noe LAP got more youths than JCOC. i was told tat i'm supposed to do ushering but due to some comm. problems, i didn't know i was serving, i only know i'm to serve on wed.

Day 2, i skipped boring morning lectures to come for the lessons. set with melissa and debbie. haha... erm... had bday celebration for one of the speaker, bro parry cotham. he really really impressed me alot. he's 90 something years old, still go around preaching and his voice is still soooo powerful. very inspiring and encouraging to have such brethern around. maybe one day i should aspire to preach the word. had lunch with them before heading back to sch for practical(which i didn't really go), instead i was busy doing my final year project. Went back at nite for the lessons.

Day 3, i went only for my higher maths. haha... getting from bad to worst.haha... i then realised the afternoon lessons no more liao. got this huge block of free and easy. went as one whole big group to have lunch at bugis junction. as our group was too big, some split to eat at the food court while my group went to yoshinoya. took a few pics there. haha... after tat, we went walk walk around bugis then go back to the hotel. issac played the guitar. he knows how to play alter bridge song siah. but i forgotten the lyrics. haha... slacking around until evening time went out as a big grp to eat dinner at the nearby hawker centre and at my table, i was the only guy. hahahahahahahahahahahaha.... anyways, went back to serve as usher. karyn came with her parents. david and dianel's family went back to malacca that nite. When i was trying to leave the carpark, the complimentary tix wasn't working. i inserted my cashcard and guess wat... the parking charges is $28!!!! wah! good thing my cashcard not enuff money. if not kena chop big time. went back to get another tix and this time round, it was working. hengz... haha...

Day 4, didn't go for AABL cos had to go school. It ended up in the early afternoon. Came back at nite for the LAP gospel meeting. the speaker was very good. the way he talk very interesting. got notes somemore. haha... LAP gospel meeting started on 1st dec nite to 3rd dec. Didn't go for the remaining 2 nites cos friday nite i had my sec sch farewell dinner and sat nite wasn't feeling well.

hmm... i better go sleep liao. going out the whole day. 2mr will update my sec sch farewell dinner, my bday party and so forth. sooo much stuff. haha.... byez....

somebody took me during lunch time, dunno who... Posted by Picasa

iris and debbie looking at somewhere else... Posted by Picasa

j lo! Posted by Picasa

iris... she must have had a good lunch. haha... Posted by Picasa

me... kena force to take a act cute pic. haha... cannot imagine why some girls like to take this kind of pic... eeeeeee Posted by Picasa

caught bernice talking on the phone! haha... wonder who is she talking to... him izzit? haha.. Posted by Picasa

me and debbie on wed Posted by Picasa

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melissa aka blur princess, me and iris the flower. haha... no more pic for FSYBS liao.... Posted by Picasa

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